What They Seem

Posted by September Blue Sunday, 25 March 2007

(Punch, June 29 1872.)

What they seem

Some people have a way of appearing as if they were carrying on a desperate flirtation, when they are in reality doing nothing of the kind. For instance: –

What they Seem to Say:
Mr Jenkins. "If the devotion of a life, Miss Perkins –"
Miss Perkins. "Ah! Would that I had known of this before!"
* * * * *
Mr. Tomkins. "Fly, O fly with me, Miss Wilkins!"
Miss Wilkins. "Spare me, O spare me, Mr. Tomkins!"

What they are really saying:
Mr. Jenkins. "Some people can't bear a cat in the house. My grandmother couldn't."
Miss Perkins. "Well, my Aunt Dorothy would turn pale at the sight of strawberries!"
* * * * *
Mr. Tomkins. "You'd hardly think it, but from Moses and Son's to the Marble Arch is exactly one mile, Miss Wilkins!"
Miss Wilkins. "No! Really?"