Genius. GENIUS.

Posted by September Blue Thursday, 18 October 2007

My current flatmate and mover of boxes of heavy things, Dr K, is getting married soon. (Aww.) And so Dr K has a wedding list, the product of six hours spent staring at spoons in the kitchen department of John Lewis, or so I am told, although six hours? Spoons? Hmm. Anyway. So we were looking at his wedding list, and wondering about the general absence of Look, Here's Some Stuff I Need for all those other times in people's lives when they need stuff. No 'I'm Moving House And Suddenly Need Furniture' lists. No 'I Got Divorced And Need To Furnish My New Place' lists.

But you know when a list would come in even more handy?

We're picturing the posters now. "Jilted? Gutted? Lost your CDs? Post a list on!" For anything and everything you lost custody of when a relationship went wrong. Nicely-designed cards with list numbers to hand out to friends who ask if there's anything they can do to help, 10% commission on sales for the site owners - I'm telling you, it's brilliant.

(Featured on my list would be: a guitar, a Chinese hamster, Neil Young's After the Gold Rush, and this really nifty blue jacket from M&S. No spoons.)


  1. Autumn Song Says:
  2. Indeed. GENIUS.

  3. Sisyphus Says:
  4. I like it.

    I kinda want to register for a "celebration of PhD and real job" list --- fuck a wedding, I need a big party and nice new non-grad-studently stuff when I get out of here!

    (chinese hamster?)

  5. Sisyphus - Yes! That might even stop me mentally spending the first eighteen paychecks of the job I don't have on laptops and new clothes and bookcases, too.

    (Chinese hamster - like the standard golden fluffy hamster, only smaller and less homicidal.)