Essays 5: With a Vengeance (actually, On a Train)

Posted by September Blue Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Essay 41 - I gave this a pretty good grade, but I still think I might have been too mean. I'll flag it up to look at tomorrow when I have coffee in front of me; it did have some genuine problems, but it's not the student's fault that these particular problems are the ones that drive me crazy.

Essay 42 - The opposite problem! This one's answered the question that all my plagiarists, may their names be howled in Hades, went for, and while it's very good I'm now wondering if my effusive praise and brilliant grade is partly because the student actually wrote it themselves. Maybe go back to this one before the coffee.

Essay 43 - Hee, this one mentions an academic marking essays. It's like one of those infinite regress pictures.

Essay 44 - Oh, student, you are going to absolutely love heavy theory. Really. I want to see your face when you discover Derrida, and kind of wish you'd been at university fifteen years earlier to truly get the most of it.

Essay 45 - It is a sign of my great age and boringness that I almost want to thank this one for writing their essay in a larger font. omg, I can read it!

Essay 46 - This one is in 10 point, just to show me. (But it's very good.)

Essay 47 - Dialogue: not your friend.

Essay 48 - Another plagiarist. Tar and feathers.

Essay 49 - This one has such a clever last line that I just know the student was smiling when they wrote it. I hope there was a victory lap around the room, too. (Which reminds me of something a girl in my Masters class once said: "You know how sometimes when you're getting to the end of your argument, and you're really pleased with yourself, and you start doing little twiddly show-off things like you're throwing your own victory parade? With Kristeva, you can hear the damn trumpets from page 3.")

Essay 50 - Oh, clever. Student, I am seriously proud of you.


  1. Francofou Says:
  2. Not that you care.

  3. I care. But if I was truly awesome, I would be able to convince my plagiarists that I am capable of using Google, and so.