I have been productive!

Posted by September Blue Thursday, 18 December 2008

Yes, yes I have. Here's what I've got done so far today:

- One library shift, featuring actual work getting actually done!
- The last last absolute last work I have to do for the first-year essay grades (except for the thing I have to do tomorrow morning, because ARGH)
- Sorted out a list of final Things I Need To Do to an article that's currently leaping its way towards publication like a salmon trying to return to the place of its birth (and there are bears at the top of the waterfalls, oh yes there are)
- A lot of scanning for one of my other jobs. A lot of scanning. The scanners are temperamental, and only one in three attempts to scan a page actually worked, meaning I also did a lot of deleting (also: the OCR program we use for this tells you, when you select 'Delete Current Page', that 'This will delete the current page! Are you sure you want to do this?).

And I was going to do some preliminary investigation work on a postdoc proposal my head of department wants to hear about, but this involved trying to work out how Bizarre Arcane Funding System works so I gave up, because it is now half-past eight and anyway I think understanding that one involves sacrificing a goat and reading things into its entrails, and I do not have a goat.

1 Responses to I have been productive!

  1. Autumn Song Says:
  2. Congratulations! That's impressive.

    (I love the 'actual working getting actually done' strip - it's genius!)

    Yesterday I succeeded in finishing logging essays, filling in 3 forms (about which I still need to speak to HR before I can post them) and walking the dog 3 times.

    I don't deserve an academic job. I really don't.