Posted by September Blue Saturday, 4 July 2009

Behold what I did to my knee last weekend:


The answers to your questions:

1) Yes. Precisely as sore as it looks.
2) There was this hill, and the way down was a really steep path through some woods, all twisty and turny and full of tree-stumps and stones, and the ground was so dry and loose that it would just skid away under your feet, and if you stepped wrong you'd just go flying, see? And then just before that path, there was a big, grassy flat bit containing one (1) rock, rising up through the turf in some ancient geological grudge just in time to catch my knee on the way down. So that's where I fell over.
3) Well, obviously better shoes.
4) Because if I wore jeans I wouldn't be able to milk this for so much sympathy.
5) Yep, still sore.


  1. post-doc Says:
  2. Ouch. I'm always without the elusive 'better shoes' so you have my great sympathy here.

  3. I'm glad there's at least an impressive bruise! Nothing worse than hobbling round in agony while trying to convince people that the tiny tiny scratch is actually *really sore*.