Posted by September Blue Thursday, 10 September 2009

Indications that you should probably just put down the 18th-century documents and call it a day:

1. Mentally reading all the long Ss as Fs, no matter how much better you know.

2. Finding the above hilarious.


  1. The other day I was looking at a transcription that I had done of a document and noticed that all my Vs were Bs and realised right away that was because v's looklike b's but sat there a bit bewildered as to why I hadn't realised that at the time, despite coping with this phenomenon in numerous other documents.

    Brain just wasn't working that day I guess.

  2. Jeanette Says:
  3. It's too funny! I ran into the same deal when I was transcribing a title page for my Bib Methods class:

    THE|LIFE AND ADVENTURES|OF|Mr. BAMPFYLDE-MOORE CAREW, |COMMONLY CALLED|THE KING OF THE BEGGARS: |BEING an impartial Account of his LIFE, from his| leaving Tiverton School, at the Age of Fifteen, and| entering into a Society of GYPSIES, to the prefent| Time; wherein the Motives of his Conduct will be| explained, and the great Number of Characters and | Shapes he has appeared in through Great Britain, | Ireland, and feveral other Places of Europe, be re- | lated; with his Travels twice through great Part of |America. | A PARTICULAR ACCOUNT| OF the Origin, Government, Language, Laws, and | Cuftoms of the GYPSIES; their Method of Electing| their King, &c. |Totus Mundus agit Hiflrionem. | A NEW EDITION.| LONDON:| Printed for, and fold by the Bookfellers in Town and|Country.