Posted by September Blue Wednesday, 23 April 2008

In expectation of having a few Internet-less weeks at my new place (but at least the cafe across the street has free WiFi!), I've been trying to download some things to watch on my laptop while I'm waiting. However:

"Estimated Download Time: 193d, 13h."

By the time I get to watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the machines will not only have actually risen, but will have set up a basic social democratic society with a complicated income tax system, instituted a series of controversial immigration laws, gone into several intense yet inexplicable national crazes over ultimately insignificant pop culture icons, allowed the housing market to reach idiotic levels of mortgage inflation, turned on each other during the ensuing credit crunch and recession, sent all the toasters off to Siberia, turned most inhabitable parts of the earth into a war zone, calmed down, made truces, and gone back to watching TV and grumbling about how much they'd cared about stuff Back In The Old Days.