Posted by September Blue Sunday, 20 April 2008

List of things that are not working this Sunday morning:

  • Student e-mail servers
  • WebCT
  • Intranet anything
  • On-campus internet access (which has, luckily for my sanity, now been restored)
  • Library catalogues
  • Library systems
  • Printing systems
  • Photocopying systems
  • All the tills and systems at the sports facilities, apparently; it's difficult to tell from all the distressed wailing, but they're certainly Not Happy about something over there
  • The big flat-screen monitors that give students various bright-coloured and blinky bits of information
  • The 'systems currently having problems' status page. (Helpful.)

And because it's a Sunday morning, the campus is not exactly crawling with technicians or helpful-looking senior people or indeed anybody who knows what the hell's going on. Reducing weekend mornings to a skeleton staff probably looked like a great decision from a budgeting perspective for a university anxious to set up various new projects for attracting new students; the reality, it turns out, is a constant stream of the students we've already got winding their way into the library, to be greeted by a staff of underpaid, disaffected minions whose best guess on the whole matter is "I dunno. EMP grenade?"


  1. Autumn Song Says:
  2. Ah, yes; the forever reverberating "didn't think it through" of university administration.

  3. Laz Says:
  4. So, nothing's changed since I left then...?