I wish my hair was still that colour

Posted by September Blue Wednesday, 16 July 2008

My new and wonderful GP is referring me to a specialist to find out what's going on with my eyes. She's fairly sure it's not going to be anything terrible, although she did suggest that the migraines I've been getting for the past few years (thanks, academia!) might be putting too much strain on my already-damaged optic nerves, but thinks it's definitely worth checking, plus I should probably be seeing an opthalmologist regularly anyway shouldn't I, hmm? (I should. The reason why I never got that set up when I moved away to university is purely because I was eighteen then and thus obviously immortal.)

Anyway, in honour of that, here's a pre-operations picture from back before my condition was diagnosed. Thanks, surgeons!


1 Responses to I wish my hair was still that colour

  1. Laz Says:
  2. That's not you! No freckles!

    The ten-year-old-you in your MSN pic is exceptionally cute and freckled though :-D