Where I've been

Posted by September Blue Wednesday, 9 July 2008

apart from somewhere in the existential state of forgetting I have a blog. But yeah, mostly there.

I've been graduating (finally! FINALLY!), at what turned out to be the same ceremony where the first students I ever taught were graduating with their BAs. Lots of applause. And then my department forgot to invite its PhD students to their own graduation party, because they're great like that.

I've been finishing the Article of Pain, Doom and Despair, which is a revise-and-resubmit for a journal that I still think is way above where I should be aiming. But, the editor had some very positive things to say about the first version of the article (you know, after the 'no'), and the revised version is a whole lot better. I'm even happy with it, almost. So, yes, the article which has attached itself to my life like a remora and sucked out every element of non-procrastinatory free time for far too long is done.

I've been tidying my flat, although sadly not well enough to prevent it never needing to be tidied again. One day, one day.

I've been at work, too, doing (seriously) five different jobs in the same building. I have long since lost track of who I work for; these days I just do whatever I'm told so long as the person doing the telling looks vaguely like a librarian.

I've been doing a 1000-piece jigsaw, and pretending it's some kind of thinking time for working on the article.

And I've been considering going back to Article Two, the one I haven't done any work on since, um, March. Please hire me, universities of the UK! I am so very productive, between my part-time job and my jigsaw!


  1. post-doc Says:
  2. Judging from the title, the Article of Pain, Doom and Despair should have an awesome abstract. Congratulations for getting it done though! It's always nice to get the tough ones (or any ones, if you're me) off your desk.

  3. Congratulations on graduating and rewriting the article. I had the same experience at my gaduation with my first u/grad students graduating at the same time. Me and the other phds from my dept had a competition about how many we each had and how many had firsts (three of mine- yeah). It was nice.