Come on, HR

Posted by September Blue Tuesday, 20 January 2009

My new job starts very soon. I lack a contract. This is annoying.

I'm sure there will be a contract (I was only offered the job last week, and these things can take a while to get rolling at the best of times; plus, even in the darkest circles of academic gloom, I've never heard of someone being interviewed for a position for which the funding's already in place, offered the job, arranged start dates with, and then told 'You know what? Actually, no'), but there is not a contract right now. There's nothing on paper right now. And so, I'm handing in my notice at the library, telling my current department that I'm leaving and they'll need to find someone to cover my teaching, looking for a new place to live, and telling the letting agents that I'm ending my lease, all on the strength of a couple of phone calls. The time-frame doesn't allow much alternative to that, but I'm not loving it. Just a piece of paper, HR! Please!


  1. Francofou Says:
  2. Did you tell HR that you are burning bridges to be ready to begin work?

  3. I never received my contract until I turned up at work on the 1st day and got sent down to HR to fill in the forms that they require- and even then, I had to sit there while they ran away and 'found it'. I had a phonecall telling me I got the job and later got an email from my new boss telling me when to start and to come on such and such a day, but nothing offical. Oh, and I also got a general circular email from the dept welcoming new staff, but I was a traditional start of academic year start.