Posted by September Blue Saturday, 21 February 2009

I'm on a train. It's packed. I'm balancing on my one square foot of floor space in the bit between the doors, along with eight other people and one pissed-off baby in a pushchair. Meanwhile, all my earthly belongings have already made it to the new flat in the movers' very spacious lorry. I am reconsidering my decision not to pack myself into a box and get carried on board when they weren't looking.

Ha, the baby is staring thoughtfully at a watch it's wearing while tapping the watch-face with one finger. How very dignified.

My rucksack is really getting rather heavy now. I'd swap it for the bag at my feet (which holds three house-plants and a desk lamp - nothing like moving house to bring back those undergraduate days!) but there is no room to manouevre at all.

Ten more minutes... (and then a short walk, and then ten more minutes on another train, and then another short walk, and then I have to unpack, and then tomorrow I'm going back to the old place to clean it to Give-Me-My-Deposit-Back standards, and then on Monday morning I have to meet the letting agents there so they can inspect it, but then I'm DONE.)


  1. Laz Says:
  2. I'm supposed to move all my stuff back home this week and when I spoke to the boss last week about getting everything down on the work van, he suddenly went all vague. "Yeah, in principle, if we have time..." WTF? That ain't what you said before, mate! As Sandy isn't allowed to drive right now, I'm out of options. Should I get a quote from a mover or not? It's probably too late now, I'll need to cross my fingers.

    I should be packing and stuff right now but I'm thinking about throwing myself out the window instead. I have tonsillitis. Joy. And pain. More joy. What I wouldn't give for more than 2 hours of sleep in a row...

    (Woe is me, yes.)

  3. Well, fairly legitimately woe is you! Bloody boss. That's crap.

    You should be able to get movers at this time - or look in the small ads for a man-with-a-van thing, they could probably do pretty short notice too? The movers I got quotations for gave it as around £250-£350 (for a move on a Saturday).