Posted by September Blue Sunday, 1 February 2009

My new job starts tomorrow. Well, actually... according to the contract HR eventually did give me, my new job starts today, but today is a Sunday and I was on holiday, so, tomorrow.

I have no idea what to do.

I know. They'll tell me. That's the point. And the scope and flexibility of this job are major parts of its appeal. But! I can't help thinking that if they're going to pay me a real live salary, I should be some kind of telepathic superpowered research machine who doesn't need telling.

It'll be okay. And as soon as I can convince myself that this isn't literally too good to be true, it'll feel okay, too.


  1. Francofou Says:
  2. My 20 digits and 2 eyes are crossed.
    Give it all you've got. A few of the students will find it exhilarating, and who cares about the rest?

  3. And in three months, this post will read 'I have a real live postdoc and money coming into the bank, but whenever I ask what i am meant to be doing my employers haver and wave their hands in the air and say they'll get back to me, and the team meeting, it will be in the next few weeks... and in the meantime I am randomly doing stuff and hoping that it'll turn out alright.'

  4. Autumn Song Says:
  5. Somewhat belated - but Good luck!