And now, you must look at my holiday pictures.

Posted by September Blue Monday, 17 August 2009

Ah, the sparkling turquoise seas and golden beaches of the Caribbean:


Or, as this actually was, the sparkling turquoise seas and golden beaches of a small island on a more northerly latitude than Moscow. Yeah, you can keep your crowded beaches and your twelve-hour flights; we got a tiny little propellor plane to the Outer Hebrides, and woke up to this view every morning. Oh, yes.

Although, the plane? Tiny. Tiny tiny tiny. I've been on small propellor planes before, but none where Row A was empty because that's where the pilots left their bags. Left their bags so that they could reach for anything they wanted without leaving the cockpit, that is. But, that's how it can land at airports that look like this:


(That's a different beach from the beach above. This one has a windsock.)

The island has half the population it used to, and that wasn't much to begin with. (As with much of this part of the world, the population decline was in the 18th and 19th centuries, back when sheep-farming meant big money and ships to North America were a useful way to get rid of all those now-excess people living on your land.) The next island we stayed on was even smaller; the owner of the B&B told us it would only be five minutes walk away from the pier where the ferry dropped us off, but "if the weather's really foul, just go into the ferry terminal and ask him to give Mary a ring, and I'll come and pick you up."


We walked, though - and it was worth getting eaten alive by midges to see this.


  1. Sisyphus Says:
  2. Ooooh, perty. Where's the Hebrides? Was it cold?

  3. Ah, Scotland, ma bonnie homeland.

  4. Sisyphus - Off the north-west coast of Scotland. Satisfyingly far away from pretty much everything!

  5. Oh, and it was warm enough to get sunburnt! Although, I'm fairly sure I could get sunburnt on Pluto. Sigh.

  6. phd me Says:
  7. Absolutely, positively gorgeous! The Hebrides have now moved up on my list of places I can't believe I didn't visit when I was in Scotland.