"And then my dog ate my homework, and..."

Posted by September Blue Friday, 11 May 2007

Overheard on the bus back from campus this evening.

Student A: "...so I told my mother, and she went mad."
Student B, laughing: "Well, you really fucked it up."
Student A: "She knows... Yeah. She knows my grades are all right. My other grades. So I said I just, I don't know what happened that class, but it's - I said it's my fault, anyway. So she knows."
Student B: "So is she going to do it?"
Student A: "She went mad at me for about half an hour -"
Student B, interrupting: "You should just have said your grandmother died or something."
Student A: "No, right, because my flatmate says if you do that they ask for a death certificate."
[Student B nods sagely.]
Student A: "So she says, anyway, she says she'll write them a letter saying I'm telling the truth, but she won't do it again. 'Cause otherwise I have to repeat the whole year or something."
Student B: "She's telling them -"
Student A: "Yeah, family emergency, something. If they still don't believe me it goes to the Academic Council."
Student B: "Oh, yeah, they will. Right, I missed the exam in first year, and I told my tutor I had a drink problem - I went to his office all shaking and everything and said I had a drink problem, I hadn't drunk at home."
Student A, laughing: "Did he believe you?"
Student B: "Yeah! He gave me the number of the counselling people and everything, he was dead nice about it. He said I could always go and talk to him."
Student A, still laughing: "Aw, that is -"
Student B: "I was shaking and everything. Milking it, right?"
Student A: "Right."


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  1. Laz Says:
  2. Huh. I managed to get Epstein Barr, recurrent tonsilitus, two close family deaths and funerals within the space of about a week and a half, with the funerals spaced apart by about 200 miles no less, and I couldn't even get a weekend extension on some crummy regular 2nd semester essay. As it was, I managed to stay up all night, hand in the essay at about 7 am of the day it was due, then miss the second funeral because I fell asleep, fully clothed and with my glasses still on my face, ready to go, only waking up in time to phone home before they left to tell them I wouldn't make the funeral because I had missed my train. Thankfully it wasn't my Gran's funeral up north or I'd have been really pissed.

    Remind me not to be so fucking reasonable in the future.

    (No, I'm not still angry about that whole episode, what makes you think that?)