'Animal Autographs'

Posted by September Blue Thursday, 3 May 2007

(Punch, Dec. 21, 1875)

There is a Book announced under the title of Animals Painted by Themselves.

The Fox is the only animal we know of who possesses a brush, but whether he can paint with it we have yet to learn. But this is, of course only our little joke, which we must have: we know perfectly well that the title may be taken figuratively. The headings of the chapters no doubt will be more or less (more, perhaps) as follows:-

The Lion. - King of the Beasts - Much recieved in Society - Adored by the Ladies - Never met Gordon Cumming - Paws soft and effeminate - Naturally mild and philanthropic.
On (Roualeyn) Gordon Cumming, and why lions would deny ever having met him, see his mid-century Harper's articles on man-eating lions.
The Bear. - Elegant Action of - Agreeable Manners - Charming Tenor Voice - Fond of Waltzing - At the Head of the Pole - Has a Hug for every Friend.

The Fox. - Naturally frank and open - Would not hurt a Chicken for Worlds - Always liked Sour Grapes - The Best Friend with Hounds.

The Pig. - The Victim of Slander - His Clean Habits - His Sweet Home - His Abstemiousness and Remarkable Temperance - His Plaintive Warble, and his Love of Hebrew.

The Ass.
- His Musical Talents - His Tender Lips - Activity in Bondage - Willing Acquiescence when Asked to Gallop.

The Monkey. - Greek Type Developed - Superiority to Man - Dramatic Powers. &c., c., c.

The Work promises to be most amusing, if not instructive. We only hope it will be illustrated by Animals. Why not? Badgers have been most successfully drawn by Dogs; and few Horses but have drawn a carte de viste. So we repeat, Why not?