The briefest of announcements

Posted by September Blue Monday, 11 February 2008

This is not a proper post, because I have this thing to do and this other thing to do and I know I haven't been around much recently etc and I'm sorry but I'll be back reading and commenting and stuff soon but I'm just swamped with work etc right now and my flat's a mess and I forgot to buy food BUT - I had to come back onto Blogger for this.

(I'm afraid it's only going to be of interest to my fellow UK-ians, though. And of those, probably only the ones growing up in the 80s. And of those - oh, who am I kidding? Within this subgroup, you are all going to find this amazing unless you grew up without TV. And it is, I swear to you, true. I have checked.)

Amidst all the nostalgic mourning for Grange Hill, I give you this wonderful bit of casting trivia: the actor who played Mr Bronson also played Adolf Hitler in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, in that scene when Indy hands him the diary.

See? See?

And to make it even better, IMDB says he was also in Remembrance of the Daleks, which brings me back to kids' TV in the 80s and what it may or may not have done to my easily-moulded childhood psyche that the BBC gave me Ace, who was clearly the Best Doctor Who Companion Of All Time, as a role model, BUT I do not have time to get into that because of work and swamped and everything. However. Mr Bronson played Hitler. You needed to know that, right? Right.