Down these mean streets

Posted by September Blue Tuesday, 19 February 2008

DVD-by-post services are the best idea of the twenty-first century. So far. I'm willing to accept that there might come, in some distant future year, an invention better than the one that sends you all the films you haven't seen for years as well as all the TV series you never saw in the first place, but I'm sceptical. (And now I can watch The Sopranos all the way through from Season 1 without losing track and having to phone my mother to find out what happened in the bits I missed. There's just something fundamentally wrong with that.)

So I'm flicking through the Search function intermittently, adding things when I think of them, and what a helpful search function it is!

Best matching "the big sleep"

The Big Sleep (1946)
Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Charles Waldron, Lauren Bacall
Director: Howard Hawks

The Big Sleep (1977)
Starring: Robert Mitchum, Harry Andrews, Richard Todd
Director: Michael Winner

Bear In The Big Blue House - Sleepytime (1997)
Starring: Noel MacNeal, Peter Linz, Vicki Eibner
Director: Jim Martin, Hugh Martin

Kids' TV noir? There's a gap in the market here.

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  1. Autumn Song Says:
  2. Brilliant.

    And why shouldn't Bear in the Big Blue House appear on such a list...?