I am in love

Posted by September Blue Tuesday, 5 February 2008

With this drug.

My doctor told me that I'd be better able to deal with the migraines I get these days and never used to (thanks, PhD thesis!) if I made sure to be on the look-out for warning signs. Luckily, I do seem to get warning signs before the pain hits. Unluckily, one of them is that I become really, really stupid, and thus unable to work out what they are.

So, for example. This evening. I feel sick, but I have eaten more chocolate than was good for me, so maybe that's why. And then, all of a sudden, I'm in a furiously, gloweringly bad mood. What could this be? Has the world offended me somehow? Maybe it's job market blues staging an unexpected offensive? And then I'm exhausted, so tired I can hardly lift up my arms to the keyboard. How odd, I think. And then my palms go weird, tingly-numb, and I sit there staring at them thinking... Well, not thinking very much. As I mentioned, migraines make me stupid. So I sit there thinking "...huh..." until the evil migraine pixies take a belt sander to the inside of my skull, and I think "Ah! Yes! Migraine warning signs, just like the ones I got last time, and the time before, and the time before that!"

But the doctor also gave me a prescription for diclofenac sodium, and diclofenac sodium, it turns out, will actually hold off the pain. I can still feel it round the edges of my mind, thumping in a ghostly way, but at the centre all is calm.

Love, I tell you. True love.


  1. Laz Says:
  2. I have a cold - headache, fever, shivery, achey legs for some reason and a sore throat that feels like I've been gargling with razor blades. Can I have some?

    Pretty please?

  3. I don't know if my little miracle tablets work on colds. Um, Lemsip?