Posted by September Blue Monday, 18 February 2008

Indiana Jones and the Departmental Subcommittee. Two-and-a-half hours, filmed in real time! Cinema audiences get a copy of the agenda at the door. Harrison Ford does his own stunts.

Indiana Jones and the Co-edited Volume. Cut between Dr Jones battling Nazis for an ancient artifact somewhere in the African rainforests, and Dr Somebody Else having increasingly angry phone conversations with department secretaries. "Next week? Next week? He's never bloody here!"

Indiana Jones and the Literature Review. Young Indiana Jones: the PhD years.


  1. Sisyphus Says:
  2. Ha!!!!!!

  3. Autumn Song Says:
  4. Do you know there's a new Indiana Jones film coming out?

  5. Oh yes indeed! Harrison Ford's got somewhat depressingly older, though; I always thought he was sort of timeless. Pity...

  6. Autumn Song Says:
  7. It's a bit like Patrick Swayze isn't it....? :(